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Managing Customer Service

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I enjoyed the Managing Customer Service course. It was well written and easy to follow. Tony Swaim did an excellent job in keeping the material informative, yet interesting and fun. I found the course useful as a refresher and also gained insight into current trends and updates in the customer service field. The links provided with each lesson gave additional information that was helpful. I would highly recommend this course!

Dear Tony, Your class in "Managing Customer Service" was absolutely awesome! I have 20 plus years experience in the customer service profession, but have not had the opportunity to do any supervising or managing. I have thought about entering this field, and now after taking your class, it proves to me that I would love getting into the profession. The class was very insightful with many wonderful examples. Thank you for this fabulous experience.

I found this course to be very informative and useful. I learned a lot about business today and I hope to get good results with it as far as job skill is concerned. Highly recommend this course

Tony, I really enjoyed taking this on-line course. The input you have provided is very valuable to me. All that I have learned from the course can and will be applied to my current job. Thank you Tony for making an on-line course enjoyable! Miranda

I would like to thank the instructor. Customer service is not easy to teach, but he made the class interesting and useful.

I really found this course interesting and instructor style was very helpful to make me feel interested. I really enjoyed the course! Thanks!

Enjoyed the course. It will definitely help me in my new position. Thank you.

Tony, I want to take the time to thank you for all the new ideas, thoughts and lessons I have learned taking your course. I know for a fact that I will carry these with me throughout my sales career and hopefully all my customers will be happier and my sales better because of what you have taught me.

Very interesting I learned a lot. I will ask my company to give this course to all the sales reps.

Thank you Tony for this course. Very helpful in several areas. I have just landed a new job in Customer Service and will be taking my notebook to work with me.

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