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Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach

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Great intro to medical terminology and abbreviations; very useful to someone interested in getting into healthcare field.

I am new to medical terminology, and really enjoyed this course. I was not sure how much I was retaining until the final exam. It is amazing how this all sunk in.

I'm in the medical profession and taking the class has helped me to understand what the doctors and nurses are writing in the charts. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of taking this course. Taking it on-line has helped me a lot because of my work schedule. I was able to print it up and take it with me to work so I can study during my breaks. Thanks for being the best teacher.

I really enjoyed the course. I found it most informative, interesting, and entertaining! Reading signs, wall charts, labels, and such at the hospital has been a practical review. Thanks so much for offering this course online.

I really enjoyed this class. The instructor made learning the terms fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this course to others. Thanks again!

I truly enjoyed the course. I have no experience in the medical field, but found it was so easy and it just made sense. Thank you.

Many, many thanks for helping to make a smooth beginning for a career change in the medical field that will enable me to be at home with my family!

The course has been so useful. You were correct, I'll never be able to watch those hospital shows in the same manner ever again.

The course was easy to comprehend, and it covered material that could help me in my job search.

This course was a lot of fun. It was also very helpful and I will reference back to the class when working in the medical field. Thanks for all your help!

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