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Certificate in Meditation

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I took this course for my personal benefit. I wanted to gain knowledge and experience to improve the quality of my life and overall health. I now practice meditation twice a day and focus on my thoughts.

I work in the dental setting and I see many patients who are clenching and grinding their teeth due to stress. I can now educate them on meditation as a form of stress reduction.

I really enjoyed this class. The material was very interesting and informative.

Loved the course, I'm a very happy camper now!

I will be more mindful and aware of what I am doing and thinking. I believe I can use the information taught in this course to better my living conditions, especially lowering my blood pressure.

I work at a retirement community. This knowledge will help me work with residents who are nearing the end of their lives.

I can now help my nervous massage clients that are willing to do the homework to set up relaxation programs for themselves.

The raisin and chocolate exercise is excellent for teaching seniors meditation, through mindfulness. This would be a great future class to do at a senior center. It was helpful to learn the different types of meditation based on culture and religions.

This is exactly what I was looking for! I am very happy that I saw it offered. I have wanted to learn meditation for a long time. I like the format, as it allowed me to do it when I could. Thank you so much!

I am now more likely to introduce meditation to more of my psychotherapy clients. I may even start a meditation group for those with anxiety disorders.

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