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Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007

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Thank you for a GREAT class. I enjoyed it very much and will be using the skills that I have learned in my job.

The lessons were well thought out and easy to follow. The chapters were concise and not too overwhelming. Links and other info was made available if we wanted to dig deeper on a subject. Many thanks for developing a good class for Excel 07.

Very informative, perfect course, would like another course to continue the studies, and amazing supplementary material. It really helped in the learning process!

Amazing course! One of the best I’ve ever taken. The instructor did a great job explaining the concept behind formulas and functions, which is an area I struggled with until this class.

The lesson on pivot table’s advanced features was top notch. I can’t wait to use what I learned to impress my co-workers. Thank you!

Excellent course! Generally, when I take a course in one of the Microsoft products, I find it too easy. Not this one - I learned something new and valuable in each lesson. Thank you!

This was an excellent course and exceeded my expectations. It was ideally structured for an online class and the chapter notes, workbooks and examples were excellent. The instructor really knows how to present interesting and valuable topics in an online instruction format. I will be looking for more courses from Chad Wambolt.

This has been the best Excel course I have taken. It is so practical; in every lesson there was something that I was able to use in my daily work in spreadsheets. Several times I had just learned a new trick and was able to impress my boss with my ability to do a complicated task - one he thought would take me all day to come up with a formula for. Thank you for all the helpful and practical tips!

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