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Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2007

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Learn to create the right chart for the right job.

Lesson 2

Work with the more obscure chart types to display data.

Lesson 3

Learn to use AutoFilter commands and color sorting.

Lesson 4

Discover why Goal Seek eliminates formula guesswork.

Lesson 5

Find out how to use the Excel PivotTable to create a quick, easy-to-read summary of data in an otherwise unwieldy spreadsheet.

Lesson 6

Become proficient at using the PivotTable to filter, group, and chart data.

Lesson 7

Find out how Excel's Solver tool can help you determine the optimal conditions for meeting a target.

Lesson 8

Use the Solver tool to find the ideal solution for a real-world scenario.

Lesson 9

Understand how macros can help you work more efficiently by automating tasks you find time-consuming or repetitive.

Lesson 10

Learn how to use Excel's text functions to trim, concatenate, or convert text from one form to another.

Lesson 11

Use Excel's sumif and countif functions to count or add values that meet a desired condition.

Lesson 12

Discover how Excel's VLOOKUP function can help you extract the values you need from a table.






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