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Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2007

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Instructor is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun, too.

I really enjoyed this class and having used Excel 2003 at work and home, it was nice to be taught the newly added features with Excel 2007. I really think that the ribbon format is a very nice feature and that the options and tools to use in Excel 2007 are easy to find. I look forward to using what I learned at work and home. I would have liked to learn a little more with macros and functions but hope that the advanced Excel course will touch a little more on these concepts. The discussion areas were a nice feature to have if I encountered any problems with assignments since maybe other students were having the same issues. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and look forward to taking the advanced Excel course to learn even more. Thank you.

I enjoyed this course, and the instructor, so much that I plan to take the Advanced Excel course!

I have been an Excel user for many years and wanted more exposure to Excel 2007. This was a great help. The course guided me through the new user interface expertly.

I thought this was a great paced course as I work full time and was still able to spend the time needed to complete this course and the assignments. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful and provided supplemental information which will be useful to refer back to later on.

Great course. Very relevant topics and well presented for an online course. Thanks!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the class. I took this class for my personal improvement. The class itself, has exceeded my expectations. The instructor was very responsive with class participation and the materials are easy to read (not as stuffy as the normal text book.) I am glad that I signed up for this class. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!!!

The convenience of the online course allowed me to continue sessions while on travel.

The course was excellent - Chad's writing style was very engaging. I am an experienced excel user and wasn't sure if this was the right level for me. I took it because I wanted the experience of an on-line course. The experience was great. I was looking for more depth in the macro and functions area. The charting section helped me to visual better which charts are best for the purpose. Loved the ability to group items in the pivot table and then collapse the view this has been very valuable already.

Awesome Instructor, very helpful and very knowledgeable!

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