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Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010

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I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and co-workers. I really appreciated the way the instructor explained and taught the class. I feel I learned tremendously about using Excel and look forward to putting it to use!

I have learned so much from taking this course, and my new skills will make me a better Excel teacher!

This was by far the best Excel class I have taken. Of course, the others were one-day, 8-hour classes and more expensive and much less detailed information. The course workbook provided was excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and received a solid understanding combined with a practical ability to use Excel 2010. I enjoyed the instructor. He has a good sense of humor and explains the processes in a step-by-step way which is easy to understand.

This was a great course. Even though I have been using Excel for years I learned lots of new tips. I have already started using many of these in my day to day job.

I loved this course, easy to understand from beginning to end. I was wary of taking an online course in Excel due to prior experience, but this far surpassed my expectations!

This course was perfect for the skills I wanted to develop. It was fun and practical. I would highly recommend this course. A lot of content was delivered in a short amount of time. Kudos for the course design!

I have already recommended this course to several of my coworkers. The material presented will be useful and touches on many capabilities of Excel, but presented it in a way that was not overwhelming.

This class was great! Not only did I learn so much about Excel that I didn't know, the scenarios used in the curriculum were so pertinent to every day life at the office and at home. I send reports on a daily basis using Excel, and as I learned how to create more professional spreadsheets, I changed what I was doing. I've also began to use what I've learned at home! Thanks Chad; this was awesome!!

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