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Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010

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I enjoyed the way Mr. Wambolt taught his class. I took both the Basic and Intermediate Excel classes that he taught and I would highly recommend his class to others.

The instructor's writing style, coupled with colored screenshots, made this a very effective learning experience.

This was the second Excel course I have taken, and again it was a great course. I learned many valuable things that I can apply to my job and home business. Thank you for your time and effort in teaching this course.

Great class and instructor! I learned a lot.

I have made a great impression on my boss by using the formatting techniques that I have learned so far in your class. He is dumb-founded by what I am creating. Just a few months ago, he asked me about creating charts, pies, graphs, and I seriously thought about taking a leave of absence, but no more.

This was the first online class I have ever taken and I was really worried about being able to keep up. I can't believe how easy it was to access and keep up, plus the instructor made it fun and easy. I would recommend this class to anyone. Thank you!

Thanks so much for a great course! I learned a lot from this course and have already incorporated many of the things I was taught into my work day. I plan to take the advanced excel course very soon.

I really enjoyed this class. Excel was one of the programs that I had very little knowledge of, but I found I was using it more and more in my job. I now feel as if I can create formulas and databases to suit my needs. Thank you, it was great!

I really enjoyed this class. I feel that it was definitely worth the price and time I spent. The things I learned will help me to be more productive on my worksite. Thank you!

I really like the way the course is set up. The lessons are clear and easy to follow, I have time to learn at my own pace, and have access to an instructor if need be.

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