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Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

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This was a great course. I learned a lot. The lessons, assignments and quizzes were clear, concise and extremely relevant to the final. I enjoyed the instructor's teaching style as well.

Great course! I am much more confident of my Excel abilities and learned something new in every lesson. They were just about the perfect length too, as I have very limited free time. I’m looking forward to the intermediate class this fall.

This course was amazing! I never could have believed that I could have gained so much knowledge and skill with the program in only 12 lessons. I can't say enough good things about the professional presentation of the course. The explanations were simple and easily understood with pictures to support them. Mr. Wambolt’s communication was professional yet friendly.

I have never had any Excel training and this course was absolutely wonderful. It opened my eyes to the many things that can be done with Excel. I am so very happy I took this course and the instructor was FANTASTIC!

This is my first time taking an on-line class. It was a great experience. The lessons were easy to understand and follow. I liked that I was able to do them at my convenience. I have recommended it to many friends and I would definitely do it again.

This was the perfect course for my skill level. I learned so much!

Excellent course! I've used Excel in business but didn't know many of the tricks taught in the class.

I enjoyed this course and can’t wait to use it for my business!

This was exactly what I needed! I have always needed to learn Excel but never took the time, so I just had others do it for me. I found this course to be extremely well done and I really learned a lot. I am excited to put it to use.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that the day after I took my exam I did some job testing with a temp agency; out of six tests I did best on the ones dealing with Excel and Word. I know I did better on my Word test because of things I learned in this Excel class. I'm already working through the Intermediate Excel course and will be taking the Advanced next. My hat is off to you for being able to teach Excel in such a way that I enjoyed it in spite of myself: Well done.

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