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Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010

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I really enjoyed this class and picked up so many tips. I used to feel so inadequate with this and now can understand all the basics!

I am a receptionist, administrative assistant, and tradeshow coordinator. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class as I have used Outlook for years and hadn't even scratched the surface of what it is capable of! I truly believe this will make a huge difference in keeping track of projects, getting back to people, and managing my time more wisely.

I really enjoyed the learning experience. Outlook 2010 really is pretty cool!

I really enjoyed this course. It is my first time taking an online course and I really enjoyed your presentation of the materials. It felt like I was sitting in a classroom. Thanks so much!

Thanks again, Bill, for this class. Now the challenge is to start using the many Outlook features you've shared with us. My boss asked me about the class today so I was glad to give him quite a positive response.

I have been using Outlook for years. Who knew there were still new things to learn even in Lesson 1? I thought it would take several lessons to get to new information. I look forward to this fantastic class.

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