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Introduction to Microsoft Project 2010

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Mr. Tony Swaim is an excellent instructor, as I have had him for other courses.

I feel like I learned enough of the MS Project program to use it on the job. Good class.

I thought the instructor was terrific! The course was very good and useful for my work as a PM.

A great course that got me up to speed on Microsoft Project in an enjoyable way. Thanks!

I enjoyed the course and instructor interaction. The tone and content were great and the discussions helpful. Just right for me to learn the features of 2010.

Tony Swaim's course will give you a solid background in the fundamentals of Microsoft Project 2010. He takes you step by step through most of the features of the application. Students will learn how this program automates the process for organizing, scheduling, recording, calculating, tracking, reporting, and analyzing schedule data for any project. Great teacher and course!

I can't believe how much I retained! It was a struggle at first, then my brain kicked in. Many, many thanks!

This was a fabulous course. I felt a little rushed here at the end, only because I've started full-time coursework at KSU during the day. It was a little tough getting to the courses in time before they closed. But, that was all my doing. Thanks a bunch!

Great class. I would seriously recommend this class and teacher to others.

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