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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Gain familiarity with the Word 2007 interface.

Lesson 2

Become proficient at typing Word 2007 documents and using the mouse and keyboard to navigate through a document.

Lesson 3

Learn the fundamentals of file management in Word 2007.

Lesson 4

Discover how to correct just about any mistake you can make in a Word 2007 document.

Lesson 5

Learn how to work with two or more documents in Word 2007.

Lesson 6

Master the principles behind text formatting.

Lesson 7

Discover the best ways to print Word 2007 documents.

Lesson 8

Develop an ability to adjust margins, set tabs, and work with page numbers.

Lesson 9

Become proficient with paragraph formatting in Word 2007.

Lesson 10

Learn how to use the thesaurus, track changes tool, hyphenation tool, and grammar check tool.

Lesson 11

Learn how to customize Word 2007 to work faster and more efficiently.

Lesson 12

Discover how to find, rename, copy, and delete Word 2007 files.






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