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Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

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The instructor is excellent with great teaching skills. He could explain all the difficult concepts in a simple and easy to follow manner. He is really brilliant and loved his teaching. The course is really interesting explaining the basics. The quiz and assignments are nicely planned and gave more confidence. Discussion areas also helped a lot. The course is truly inspiring one!!

This was a wonderful course. It introduced me to technologies and concepts that I didn't know existed. After agonizing over developing an Android app, due to my limited knowledge in the Java language, I feel that I now have a much easier alternative. Thanks again for the information provided. It was invaluable.

This course was recommended to me by a friend and I am very thankful about it. Mr. Minnick was very helpful in any way he can and always kept a positive attitude towards his students. This online learning will benefit those people like me who can't go to school because of work and many other things. I will continue looking for more courses to take.

I truly enjoyed learning using the structure and formatting of this course. The instructor's experience and knowledge were evident in all lessons and assignments. I am looking forward to taking another course produced by this instructor. Thank you.

I really enjoyed this course and the instructor's writing and teaching style. The material was presented in a very logical and sequential manner.

Chris is fantastic instructor and a very clear and concise educator. What I liked best is his interaction. This is probably the first ed2go class I have taken where the discussion area was very much utilized and moderated by staff and students. I think 50% of my learning took place in the discussion area! All of Chris' resources are well thought out and applicable to the topic at hand. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking to develop knowledge and skills in mobile web development.

I loved the course, and found the content exciting. It was presented in an understandable, useful format. Thank you for a great course!

This is probably the best ed2go course I've taken. This was valuable information, presented well. I will definitely use this information.

I enjoyed taking this course. The material and information was well written and easy to follow. I was impressed by how well organized the lessons were.

A wealth of information presented in a hands-on style that made sense.

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