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Music Made Easy

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Lesson 1

Learn about the elements of music and note values.

Lesson 2

Develop and understand how meter is used to organize rhythm in music and how to read rhythmic notation.

Lesson 3

Delve into borrowing beats from other meters, syncopation, and tempo.

Lesson 4

Get acquainted with the concept of melody. Learn in full detail—clef signs to pitches.

Lesson 5

Focus on pitches that do not appear within the range of the staff. Identify pitches by octave.

Lesson 6

Explore the keyboard, including finding pitches on it, naming the white and black keys, and playing pitches.

Lesson 7

Focus on major scales, their development and construction.

Lesson 8

Explore the names and functions of each scale degree. Explore the teachings of early music theorists.

Lesson 9

Study major key signatures.

Lesson 10

Introduction to harmony and intervals. Explore both perfect and imperfect intervals.

Lesson 11

Focus on compound intervals and interval inversions. Delve into triads.

Lesson 12

Introduction to various types of triads and the tonic dominant chordal relationship. A summary of the course will be included.






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