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Mystery Writing

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Discover the four different story types, and explore how they've been combined to create some great mysteries.

Lesson 2

Understand the difference between plot and story, the single most important concept in fiction writing.

Lesson 3

Explore the relationship between passion, theme, character, and premise.

Lesson 4

Create your protagonist, antagonist, and other characters, and invent their flaws.

Lesson 5

Master the nine checkpoints around which you'll construct your mystery.

Lesson 6

Apply the Act 1 checkpoints to create your hook, backstory, and trigger.

Lesson 7

Investigate the Act 2 checkpoints as you design your crisis, struggle, and epiphany.

Lesson 8

Master the Act 3 checkpoints as you polish your plan, climax, and ending.

Lesson 9

Learn the easy way to expand your mystery's structure into a story outline.

Lesson 10

Explore the amazing way that scene and sequel intertwine to create your mystery.

Lesson 11

Select the viewpoint that will work best for your mystery, and understand its benefits and limitations.

Lesson 12

Incorporate suspense, misdirection, and deductive reasoning as you finish structuring your mystery.






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