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Mystery Writing

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Every person considering writing any type of fiction should take this course with Steve Alcorn. It contained concise information, writing assignments and quizzes, as well as comprehensive review by the instructor. Mr. Alcorn was in his classroom available for instruction and assistance when it was 2:00 a.m. and I was in my pajamas! The class was strikingly beneficial, fun and up-to-the-minute with instructional responses. He has my highest recommendation.

During the course I wrote a mystery using your guidelines. I finished it last week and sent off a query letter. The publisher has requested the complete manuscript!

Having this course being taught by a published author was immensely valuable. It is great to be taught by someone who has the success and experience, yet can still relate to us beginners and cares that we are successful too. Wonderful!!

I have a novel coming out in June 2007 (thanks to Steve's help), and a mystery in the hands of another publisher, a mystery that never would have been written without his help. I wanted to say thank you.

I really enjoyed taking this course. Steve is excellent. He knows his subject. When I had difficulty grasping a topic, he gave good examples that helped me understand the point he was trying to make. I recommend this course to everyone who has an interest in/or aspires to write mysteries.

Steve Alcorn is an amazing teacher. I took his Advanced Fiction Writing and Mystery Writing courses, in that order, and I learned more in his courses than I did as a creative writing major at an outstanding university. This is by far the best way to learn, and you're learning from a real pro. Thank you Steve - I am working on my mystery and plan to get a book proposal out there within a few months.

Thanks Steve, you're the best! You're a great role model for all of us who dream of being a writer whose readers just can't wait for us to write another best seller! I enjoyed your sense of humor, guidance and best of all your knowledge of the craft, which is without peer. Thanks again for all your encouragement -- it made a big difference.

You know what I liked about your course? My entire home library of books on writing TOLD ME WHAT I needed to do in order to write a book. You SHOWED ME HOW to do it. Thanks a million.

You may be interested to learn that during the course, I developed a novel. Shortly after completing the course, I finished work on the book and submitted it. It has been accepted by a publisher!! Very helpful course.

Run; do not walk, to sign on for Steve's classes. This is the best writing class I ever took, exceeding a college curriculum.

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