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Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials

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I felt this course was really important to give a broad approach to stepping into the fundraising arena. I work on documentary films and currently have a film in progress on Urban Agriculture…I have to admit this course has made me feel more confident to approach funding for my work in the spring.

This course was a good one. I needed to learn more about fundraising because I am involved in an organization that operates on a single grant. We get this grant every year, but I don’t believe we will always be getting this grant in the future, so we need to be able to do more varied fundraising than we have in the past. This course helped me on the way to find other sources of funding.

Thank you very much for this course. I really enjoyed the way you presented the material. There is a lot to learn about fundraising. The way you presented the material helped me to stay focused, kept my interest, and made the course fun. I enjoyed lesson 11 dealing with the internet. I myself have had success using Facebook and Twitter in sharing my web site/ministry. I also enjoyed the information in lesson 12 dealing with data bases and different kinds of software.

I have been following the discussions and I have been enjoying the class. I have been doing nonprofit fundraising for 15+ years. This class has been very valuable for me and a wealth of information. I'm currently working for a Professor who is doing a grant funded medical study at a local Medical School. I want to transition back to nonprofit fundraising (Annual Fund or Major Gifts). My goal is to create a nonprofit.

I really learned a lot from this course. I plan to make great use of your suggestions for non-profit fundraising. I am getting some fundamentals under my belt for my ministry. Thank you so much, you have no idea how you have helped me.

Thank you so much for this enlightening course. My organization is very small and our members are in 13 different states. However, I now have several ideas we can use to raise funds for our cause thanks to this course. Our President also took the grant writing course. So we'll now be able to present many fresh ideas to our Board of Directors.

Thank you Professor Kachinske! Your class was very informative. Your assignments were particularly helpful in getting a complete grasp of the information presented. I enjoyed your teaching and writing style.

This course has a wealth of information for one who wants to begin a career in nonprofit fundraising or expand one’s current nonprofit fundraising skills. I have 15 plus years experience of nonprofit fundraising in mostly small nonprofits. This class teaches the different aspects of nonprofit fundraising for both small and large nonprofits.

This course has been life and career changing for me. Without it, I would not be on the current track I am on. I loved this course and would take another like it again from this instructor. I learned a great deal.

After spending 25 years in management in the corporate world, I am starting my own home based business. Nonprofit will not be my sole involvement but it will be a large part of it, and your class was very informative…I stuck with it and enjoyed the class and all the great information you shared. You broke various topics into understandable lessons. I just wrapped up my final with 100% and have put all my lesson plans in a binder which I know I will use for reference in the future.

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