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Introduction to Oracle

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Great introduction course. And C. Delia's method and style was great as well. It was just what I was looking for.

I enjoyed the course although I was not able to dedicate as much time to the lessons as I would have liked to. I downloaded/printed the lessons and will use them in the future to continue to enhance my Oracle skills. We are using PL/SQL at work to write reports and create portals for our customers.

I found this course to provide just the right increments of learning a totally new (to me) subject. The examples, writing style and exercises were just plain perfect! Thank YOU!

I would feel comfortable administering Oracle databases.

Thank you Ms Delia, I have firm grasp of what once was a confusing subject.

This is my first attempt at an online course, and I found it and the subject matter to be most rewarding. I look forward to the next session.

this was my first experience with an on-line course. The format, documentation and interaction made it interesting, informative and I'm sure I'll be referring back to my notes often.

This was my first on-line class and it was GREAT!. I enjoyed the class, and the length of the class was just right too. The materials provided by the teacher were very hepful/useful. I definitely will recommend this class to my peers.

I just wanted to thank you. I found the course more involved than I had anticipated and was quite pleasantly surprised at the level of training and the content.

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