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Certificate in Pain Assessment and Management

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The class was great. I learned a lot about Pain Assessment and Management that I didn't know about before.

I am an LPN working on my RN and I found this information to be very helpful. Every person has to have their pain accessed and I feel that I can now be more proficient in my ability in helping the client in pain.

I have gained more knowledge in assessment and identifying different kinds of pain and I was able to apply it in my daily tasked as medical-surgical nurse by not being bias and that my goal is to use interventions in a timely manner to prevent pain from recurring.

When treating children with pain, I now understand the important role narcotics can play. Narcotics can avoid unnecessary pain and suffering in children (and their parents) when given correctly.

I feel this course is very effective in communicating essential data to achieve the goal of reducing pain in the patient and developing a comprehensive pain plan.

When examining a patient, I will not judge them if they do not present classic symptoms of pain, as everyone experiences and presents pain in different ways.

I enjoyed the thorough information of each topic.

I am more aware of pain management given in different situations such as treating children, adults and the elderly. There are different methods in treating pain in each age group that we should take into consideration.

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