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Introduction to PC Security

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This course has made my decision to further my interest in pc security for possible future employment. I have learned so much from you these past 6 weeks. I will definitely recommend your course to friends and relatives.

This course was excellent. Every lesson kept me interested. The assignments taught me very useful things to be done on my computer. The material is challenging, and I expect to want to review it many times in the future. The instructor demonstrated that she really knows her stuff!

Very informative course. The presentation and additional materials helped out a lot. At 31, it is my first step in a better career, and am very grateful for teachers like you!

What a fantastic course. It has really made me stop and think about the nitty and gritty of my computers. No more using just the default settings on my security settings!

I have to admit I was completely clueless on how encryption works with WiFi. The horror stories on the web about individuals hacking personal info by breaking encryption always concerned me, as I had no real idea on securing my own network. Now I have an idea how to go forward with securing my laptop and other computers.

This course has been an eye opener for me; I now have a much better understanding about the Good, Bad and the Ugly of the CyberSpace World (www). At the beginning of this course I was still having internet security problems, which caused me to stumble for the first few weeks. I finally changed to "Clear" as my modem/ISP and my "www" world turned PEACE! This course helped me to see that my "aircard" was definitely manipulated/compromised. I also changed my AntiVirus software to "ESET"...and that is working! I'm presently communicating on a computer that was so compromised that techs in NYC and here in Dallas could not find the problem (blue screen at startup, force shutdowns, etc.). All of that is GONE! GONE! GONE!

I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent course. I've learned so much. You not only know your subject matter, you are a master at teaching it! Thanks again

Hello, I want to express appreciation for how well I picked up and managed the onslaught of newer information. I am good with languages, so it was a natural for me. But I am picky: The instructor presented the information just right. I was able to assimilate most, if not all, through the readings, the quizzes, and going over the final test. It was excellent! Thank you, Debbie!

I've been in IT for 22 years and the government for the past 13. I've taken many courses and taught many as well. I don't remember anyone delivering a course as good as you did in this class. Great job, and I hope I have the opportunity to learn from you again.

Thanks for the great content in this course. Working in IT for many years, I've worked with many of the topics you discussed but never took a course that contained all the details. It was great to have a real professional providing real world information I can use on a daily basis. I will be looking forward to the advanced class.

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