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Personal Finance

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Lesson 1

Get an overview of personal finances, a personal objectives worksheet, a plan for setting up an effective bookkeeping system, and an overview of federal record keeping requirements.

Lesson 2

Learn about the day to day routine of personal finances, ways to save money when paying bills, tools for maximizing income, saving money on taxes, organizing tax receipts and using modern techniques for easy tax return preparation.

Lesson 3

Discover how to check your credit history, how creditors judge you, get information added to and removed from your credit report, and how to make yourself a good credit risk (and learn reasons why you should want to do this).

Lesson 4

Analyze when and how to borrow money, the cost of borrowing money, how to get the best rates, how compound interest works, the effects of making early (and late) loan payments, tax effects of borrowing, and how to borrow on-line.

Lesson 5

Learn what a budget is, how to create a budget that you can live with, and how to make your budget live with you.

Lesson 6

Explore information about types of mutual funds, how to pick a fund, how much to invest, timing your investments, knowing when to sell shares, and understanding the tax effects of mutual fund investing.

Lesson 7

Examine the stock market, reading stock reports, choosing a broker, picking stocks, knowing when to sell, day-trading, using the Internet, and the tax effects of stock transactions.

Lesson 8

Consider a variety of investment options including interest-bearing accounts, bonds, commodities, precious metals, real estate, and collectibles.

Lesson 9

Learn about purchasing insurance, types of insurance (life, health, wealth, assets, disability), cost comparisons, choosing a broker, and investing in insurance.

Lesson 10

Review retirement plans provided by your employer, personal retirement plans, Social Security, retirement distributions, and tax effects of retirement contributions and distributions.

Lesson 11

Explore saving for college, weddings, a house, a car, and understand the choices you can make, the tax benefits available, options for shopping on-line, and applying for financial aid for high education.

Lesson 12

Get an overview of estate planning, including making or changing a will, choosing a lawyer, choosing an executor, inheritance and estate taxes, legal fees, types of trusts, and protecting your assets.






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