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Personal Finance

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I cannot express enough with my comment how much I enjoyed this course or how much valuable information it involves. I would like all my friends to take it and have their teenage kids read over this valuable information. I strongly believe that this course is easy enough to understand and should be taught in High Schools. Very interesting, very easy to understand, and great information. Thank you so much.

I learned a lot from your course and I now feel that I have the knowledge to start working toward saving for my future. Thank you!

I learned so much from taking the Personal Finance course and feel more confident now about managing my personal finances. Thank you Gail! Kudos to you.

I'm really glad I took this course. It gave me so much insight on my personal financial planning. There are so many things to do in financial planning and this course gave me a roadmap where to start. There are so many things to learn, understand and apply not just for myself but also for my family.

I think this is a class that should be required especially for students just entering college as a way to help them understand their finances better at an early age.

Thank You, I have enjoyed learning more on how to take control of my family's finances, how to look forward to the future and have a greater understanding on how things work.

The material was well prepared. I generally liked the writing style. The exercises were excellent and thought-provoking and forced me to examine areas of my personal finances that I was unaware of or had been procrastinating about. This was my first experience with online learning and I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

This has been a very well rounded course for all areas of one's life. I wish I had taken something like this 30 years ago, so I didn't have to learn about most of it the hard way, or not having missed learning about it completely. It gives someone a good foundation about the many ways to protect oneself, maximum earnings potential, and preparing for what's to come with the right tools. There's nothing more disturbing than having opportunities slip through your fingers, when with a little knowledge, you can plan and make the most of your own finances and take control of the outcome of your own well being. Thank you very much for this thorough course.

I took your business finance class last summer and loved it. Taking the class and understanding my finance software helped me to ger a good high paying job!

Thank you for the class. It was very clear and easy to follow. I have taken several of the online classes and this one was the best one so far. I learned a lot and realized I was not too far off our goal. I'm going to try my hand at one of the other courseds you mentioned in Lesson 12.

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