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Photographing People With Your Digital Camera

Photographing people with your digital camera
$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Learn about the common digital camera functions and equipment, and see what you need to create your own home photography studio.

Lesson 2

Explore the three primary factors that control exposure—aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings—and discover some ways you can control them to get the people pictures you want.

Lesson 3

Learn how to shoot better indoor and outdoor photos, and find out how to deal with difficult lighting conditions, such as shooting around water and in low-light conditions.

Lesson 4

Learn how to shoot well-composed photos, improve the sharpness of your photos, and use depth of field.

Lesson 5

Learn how to shoot portraits of individuals and groups.

Lesson 6

Learn how to photograph details of the human body like the face and hands, and learn tricks for taking beautiful photos of people with their pets.

Lesson 7

Learn how to take better candid photos of children, improve the look of posed photos that commemorate important events in a child’s life, and get comfortable photographing newborns.

Lesson 8

Learn how to capture action photos that freeze or blur the movement of sports and other moderate- to high-speed events.

Lesson 9

Discover how to shoot interesting details of the human form with macro photography, and explore the creative possibilities of abstract photography.

Lesson 10

Discover how to capture beautiful formal event and wedding photos.

Lesson 11

Explore a variety of tricks for enhancing your photos and removing blemishes with photo-editing software.

Lesson 12

Learn how to set up your own business, handle contracts, and manage clients.






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