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Introduction to Photoshop CS5

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I have been using numerous versions of PhotoShop for many years, since CS2, and several versions of PhotoShop Elements…I can honestly say, as a former teacher myself, that your approach to instructing PhotoShop is by far the most effective of any I have seen. Your ability to break each difficult technique into simple steps, with clear though intricate, easy to follow exercises, followed by assignments that give students enough guidance that they can experience success at each stage of discovery --while encouraging guided experimentation with each process -- is an example of true teaching mastery. It is obvious, as you note, that you have been teaching PhotoShop for a long time, with a passion for helping others share in your passion.

This was a well done course. I was very pleased with how much we covered. I had taken a Photoshop course in the past. It has been years and I wanted to refresh my skills...and I'm very glad I did. This course covered everything I learned in the past and significantly more.

I really enjoyed this course! As a primarily self-taught Adobe user working in the graphic design and marketing field, many of the tools and techniques taught will be huge time savers for me. Thank you for a great class. I look forward to taking more!

This is my first online course and its quality exceeded my expectations. The teacher truly is a Photoshop guru with highly creative, tried-and-true recipes/exercises that are useful and fun...I felt a sense of achievement when I completed the course and I am inspired to take more photography and Adobe courses with ed2go, a very cool concept...I am grateful to Sherry London for sharing her talents in this online course that gave me focus and energy for the last six weeks...Many thanks to Sherry London!

I have to admit I was nervous to take an online course on a subject as visual as Photoshop. I thought for sure I would have difficulty following along with the text and direction. But Sherry London surprised me and really made everything in this course comprehensible and straight forward. I'll be practicing from her lessons to get the hang of it. Thanks so much!

This was an amazing experience. This course was rich in content and I love the online format. I can come back as many times as i want to review the content and when I do --depending on my own time constrains-- I always find it worth doing. So many thanks.

Several years ago I took my first Photoshop course. I now realize that that course was not up to the standards of this course and this instructor. This is the introductory course that I wish I had taken years ago. Althoug,h some of the material is more in-depth, it is worth the extra time that it takes to get through.

The instructor and assistant, Beth, are responsive, intelligent, patient, and friendly. They created a relaxed, no stress opportunity to learn a rather large software program because of their enjoyable, dedicated teaching style.

I wanted to say that I have been completely and totally excited about the entire course. I've been taking hit-and-miss Photoshop classes for about two years, signed up for the monthly subscription at Lynda.com and wasted a LOT of money (don't tell my husband) taking some of their courses. I much prefer your teaching style and have learned more in this course than I learned in all of the other classes--and you make it fun. Thanks very much! Will be taking your intermediate class for sure.

I wanted to let you know that this course completely exceeded my expectations and my decision to enroll was possibly the best one I made all summer. I enrolled to brush up on my skills and become more familiar with CS5. I taught Photoshop at the high school level 3 years ago on CS 3, and will be doing so again starting in the spring. I have never felt my depth of knowledge was strong enough--probably never will, it's an immense piece of software--because I am self-taught. Taking a formal class has helped me understand the reasoning behind many of the techniques, and broadened my knowledge base considerably. I loved your approach and the course in its entirety. I'm looking forward to taking the next level later in the year or next summer. THANK YOU!

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