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Start Your Own Edible Garden

$97.00 (USD)

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This was a great course. I learned so much and the resources were excellent. I am sure I will use this information for my next garden. Thanks so much! Starting a journal on gardening is so useful, I would have never thought of writing a journal. The practice of journaling can lead to an article on my blog/web site. Let me know if there is a part two. I highly recommend this class. Thanks!

Katie was a wonderful instructor--very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a great course for a beginner gardener--not an overwhelming amount of material, but enough to get started and feel confident that you'll be harvesting your own food in no time!

The lessons were easy to understand and informative. I also liked all the different resources that were made available to the students. I feel the instructor did a great job. Thank you!

This course was packed with information and details that have been missing in all my years of experimenting with gardening. I'm very excited to use what I have learned. Awesome job! Thank you for teaching this course.

I loved this course and the instructor! I learned so much and I feel confident that I can start a small garden and work my way to a bigger better garden. Thanks!

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