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PMP Certification Prep 1

$104.00 (USD)

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This was my first online course and I am extremely pleased with it. I will be enrolling in other courses.

Tony Swaim has exceptional subject matter expertise and is very supportive. He makes himself readily available for discussion. I would recommend this instructor to others.

Absolutely fabulous course! I recommend this class to anyone who is on the prowl to take their PMP®. Wonderful pre-tests to build up to the final exam! Can't wait until the next one!

Although many would consider I have much PM experience, the PMP® Certification Prep has taught me that I have forgotten a few things... and still have a bit to learn.

Excellent class. The instructor was awesome. I will be sitting for the PMP® this September. I feel this class has prepared me. I feel comfortable and I am ready and confident that I will pass the exam the first time.

I enjoyed PMP® Prep I, and am looking forward to the next course. Tony, keep up the good work, this is good stuff.

This course definitely met my expectations, and I will be signing up for the PMP® Certification Prep 2 class. I've really learned a lot.

This course was very good. It was very informative and educational. It has showed me what I know and what areas I need to study more so I can pass the PMP® test.

Tony, thank you for your assistance in this course. I look forward to continuing my studies in pursuit of the PMP® certification and would like to thank you for getting me started in the right direction.

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