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PMP Certification Prep 2

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Excellent course! The online delivery was well suited to my busy schedule as a consultant. Tony's patience and support made the experience one I would recommend unconditionally.

The suggested learning techniques: cards, printed lessons, quizzes, and text were varied enough to keep my interest and also supported my travel schedule. It was good not to have to rely solely on online access. A colleague told me that the PMP® prep would be like learning another language and then describing what you already know in a new vocabulary. True, but it also clarified concepts and structured the project process in a very reasonable way. I give a big A+ for the flashcard projects. At first I thought they were busy work, but I found the focus they provided plus the ability to review essential information that perhaps would grow stale in just a few weeks was an incredible value.

Great course! I liked being able to study at my own pace vs. being in a classroom. The instructor was great about answering questions and providing feedback.

Yes, I passed the exams. The PMP® prep courses are very helpful in preparation for the PMP exam. Thanks, Tony.

Great program. I have recommended this to several people. The on-line aspect makes it flexible. The cost is very reasonable. The deadlines keep me engaged.

I completed the PMP® Certification Exam today with a passing grade. It was a long, difficult test and the material in the two preparation courses definitely helped me achieve this goal! Thank you for providing these helpful classes!

I greatly enjoyed taking this course….I passed the PMP® test one week after the end of the course. I credit the course for a good share of that success.

Thank you Mr. Swaim! I enjoyed learning in your class and you have been very helpful and patient throughout the course.

Tony, Thank you once again. Now I can talk about project management intelligently.

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