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Project Management Fundamentals

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Lesson 1

Understand why project management is needed, how a project is defined, and how it differs from programs and tasks.

Lesson 2

Identify project management activities that establish it as a field of study.

Lesson 3

Identify various project management resources and understand the four phases of the project life cycle.

Lesson 4

Learn of the importance and benefits of planning for your projects

Lesson 5

Understand the basics of the control process and why control is so essential for your projects.

Lesson 6

Learn of the importance of the project manager and the project team.

Lesson 7

Differentiate between stakeholders and deliverables and learn how to generate project ideas.

Lesson 8

Learn of the difference between ethics and politics and how to identify and effectively manage conflict.

Lesson 9

Understand the fourteen sections of a formal project plan.

Lesson 10

Learn important activities to get your project off to a great start.

Lesson 11

Understand the benefits of using project reporting, earned value and the periodic project audit to keep your project on track.

Lesson 12

Identify why project closure is important and learn the steps to successfully close your project.






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