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Publish and Sell Your E-Books

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Lesson 1

Understand the growth of the e-book industry, the different format options available for e-books, and how you can take advantage of self-publishing e-books.

Lesson 2

Find out how to prepare and format a manuscript for e-book publication.

Lesson 3

Discover how to select a title, design a book cover, and write a book description based on a user profile.

Lesson 4

Learn how to register copyright, acquire an ISBN, and obtain CIP data.

Lesson 5

Create a title page and hyperlinked front and back matter.

Lesson 6

Learn how to find public domain images and add them to your e-book, and convert your manuscript to PDF format.

Lesson 7

Understand e-book conversion options, add metadata, and use Sigil to convert to EPUB format if that option is selected.

Lesson 8

Explore Calibre and how to use Calibre's features.

Lesson 9

Make the final preparations and decisions required for publication.

Lesson 10

Learn about and understand how to select and use an e-book aggregator.

Lesson 11

Examine the advantages and disadvantages of making direct sales, as well as the requirements.

Lesson 12

Understand the additional options available: library sales, subscription services, school sales, book apps, audio books, and POD printed paper books.






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