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Introduction to Python 2.5 Programming

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Not having much programming experience in the last 10 years I was pleased with the pace of the lessons. This was a good introduction to the capabilities of Python.

Interesting class, thank you Mike! Even after programming in Python for several years, I learned important aspects of the language. I would recommend this class.

I want to thank Mike for his prompt answers to questions and useful tips on how I could find the answer myself. Overall Mike prepared a fantastic course and was a fantastic instructor.

I had no programming experience in Python before this course and the content of the course has given me a good grasp on programming concepts. I have already recommended this course to my work colleagues.

Very informative class, the intro to object oriented programming was extremely useful for me. The homework assignments are the best parts. They really teach you a lot.

Thank you very much for providing a well organized session. I truly enjoyed the learning phase and it was very easy along the way. This will definitely help me update my skill sets and be more marketable in the job market. Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot! I really got something out of your course. Your style of explaining things is very approachable and not intimidating. I felt like I could do this and not be intimidated by it. Thanks!

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