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Introduction to Python 3 Programming

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This was a GREAT class!!! I've been working with Python for a few years and I'm still learning. I was pleased with everything about this course. I like the short lessons, gives it time to sink in. I feel that Mike covered a wide range of Python in simple, realistic examples. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

I really enjoyed taking the class! The lessons were composed into bite sized chunks good for beginners. I came in with no real understanding of programming in general and leave now with a good general understanding of the basics.

This was my first online class and it won't be my last. I had started reading three books but couldn't really grasp the concepts. I got stuck and couldn't ask anyone. Then I took this course. Even though I'm reading text like in a book, I really feel like the instructor is talking and relating to me. I can ask questions in the discussion area and read other peoples questions. Really cool!

I especially liked the way the instructor paced the lessons. They weren't so complicated and involved that you had to burn the midnight oil in order to complete them. There was enough material covered, to be able to start learning some advanced Python subjects on your own.

This course was perfect! I loved the writing style of the lessons. They were easy to follow, as well as easy to relate to. It was done in a very personal way. Even though this was an online class, I still felt like I got to know the professor/instructor and his personality.

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