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Ready, Set, Read!

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Kt Paxton was a wonderful teacher! She always had a reply to my discussion board post by the next day, which was impressive. She also was very quick to answer any question I had about the course or if I was unclear on an assignment. I would like to take another class that she teaches.

Wonderful course. I am already a teacher, so this course validated some of the things I already knew and updated me on some new information. I felt the lessons proved to be interesting and I liked how the instructor used frequent examples and stories, instead of just feeding us straight information

This course was thorough and up-to-date and addressed many of the issues I, as an English teacher, face with my middle and high school grades' struggling students. Since I began taking the course, I have been noticing some of the struggles that my readers face and I feel that I am better able to boost them over the hurdle they encounter. I have recommended this course to others.

This was my first online course and I really enjoyed it. The instructor was very prompt and helpful in discussions, which helped make a personal connection. The content was very relevant to me personally and I would definitely take an online course again.

Kt was an exceptional teacher. This course was interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of the quizzes. The final exam was right on target, it covered everything that I learned in this course. Every thing was done well. I would definitely take another class from Kt.

This was one of the best classes I have taken. I can't believe how much I learned, I was able to use the information right away. Thank you for this course!

I found this to be the best ed2go class that I've taken. It required critical thinking on my part, rather than just parroting what was said in the actual lesson. In addition, the links provided at the end of each lesson were up to date and useful. I appreciated that the teacher did not try to sound like she was speaking to us and expect rhetorical answers. Great class!

The course is great! The instructor was helpful and her tone was encouraging. The content was well-sequenced and provided excellent examples and connections. I would highly recommend this course and enjoyed taking it.

Enjoyable course and helped me strengthen my skills to enhance my job working with preschoolers, promoting emergent literacy. Thank you.

Valuable information presented in a thorough manner, with excellent assignments to build knowledge, and extremely useful supplemental materials. I would recommend this to beginning and seasoned teachers alike. I came away with a more orderly understanding of the development of literacy and many new ideas to implement in my classroom.

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