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Real Estate Investing

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Lesson 1

Learn why real estate is such a powerful tool for creating personal and community wealth.

Lesson 2

Discover methods to help you analyze your local real estate market.

Lesson 3

Explore how to find a deal and navigate the transaction process.

Lesson 4

Generate working capital by finding deals and flipping them to other investors for a fee.

Lesson 5

Maximize long-term cash flow while you minimize tenant hassles.

Lesson 6

Develop your problem-solving skills by helping sellers in foreclosure.

Lesson 7

Explore the world of finding junkers, and learn to turn them into gold without ever hammering a nail or painting a wall.

Lesson 8

Investigate the great opportunities and hidden dangers of condo investing.

Lesson 9

Develop your skills in the art of getting paid to give other people what they want.

Lesson 10

Explore how to fund your deals with traditional and alternative forms of financing.

Lesson 11

Identify creative marketing techniques to sell your properties quickly.

Lesson 12

Gain insight into asset protection, how to build your team, tax strategies, and the power of systems.






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