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Real Estate Investing

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Absolutely the best course for learning the basics of real estate investing! There is a lot more to this business than just buying and selling houses. Josh Fuhrer knows his stuff and delivers the information in a concise style. He gets to the point, covers all the important details, and doesn't spoon-feed the information. I feel that I have the knowlege it takes to get started and can formulate a plan for investing in real estate that will actually work. Now all I need is the courage to do it!

I am very proud to say that I am now the proud owner of a full duplex that will be used as a rental property with unbelievable cash flow. Had I not started your course I believe that I would not have invested in this purchase and let this unbelievable opportunity slip through my hands. I look forward to continuing my investing career- thank you.

I found Josh a wonderful teacher. He was extremely proficient in explaining the subject matter and went into great detail with questions that were submitted to him. I give Josh and this course a triple A rating.

I took this course while being deployed to Iraq. My hours aren't flexible at all, but I still managed to complete all the coursework. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in real estate investing. With the information received from this course, the cost of it is a steal! I would expect to pay much more for the information I received.

This class is excellent. I'm so glad I took it. Josh presents his information in entertaining and organized steps that even a newbie such as myself found interesting and understandable. His training include hands-on exercises that help build a solid foundation for real estate investing. I am recommending it to friends and members of my family. I will take any other class from Josh.

This course has basically taught me a new career. I was about to accept a full time position in marketing. But now, instead of making money for someone else and having to deal with juggling a career and children, I can use this course to build my own wealth and real estate business. Josh Fuhrer covers everything you need to begin. If you have ever, or would ever invest in real estate this course is a must!

This was by far the best online class I've taken. I work in the real estate industry and I must say that this class taught me a lot about real estate that I didn't know and will be very helpful as I pursue becoming an investor. Two thumbs up Josh!!! You were the best!!

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