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The Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention Connection

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This course was well written and of high interest. Working overseas at an American school, it is of great value to me to be able to keep up with the current research and trends in education in the States.

Thank you - this was my first course. I loved it! I already signed up for another!

I felt the lessons were well thought out and organized. The information was easy to understand and interesting. I especially liked the many examples of strategies that were given throughout the lessons. The course material was relevant to all teachers today because there is such an emphasize on reaching every student. It is crucial that teachers are familiar with DI and RTI and know how to implement them in the classroom. Thanks for a great course!

This has really been a great course! I just started teaching three years ago, and I have had to deal with the RTI system every year. The members of our RTI group weren't very helpful, while I was learning the ropes. Now, I see why. They had no clue what they were doing! I feel like I'm no longer a novice, and hopefully will be able to help not only my students, but also the teachers I work with. Thank you so much for offering this class. I've learned a lot of "usable" information for once!!! Thanks again!

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