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Resume Writing Workshop

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As someone who just started a new job helping unemployed individuals search for work, this class has provided invaluable information and has increased my knowledge to better serve my clients. Thank you!

I decided to take this course because my resume is outdated, stale, and unpolished. Already this course has introduced me to new styles and resources I wasn't aware of. Thanks Stephanie for making this easier and immensely more productive than I thought it would be or could be.

I felt this was a relatively painless way to end up with a completed resume. I also think this class is much better than reading a how-to book because the information is up-to-date, plus if you have lots of questions like I did, the instructor is right there to answer them. I also really appreciated the instructor's positive messages and encouragement!

I found this class very useful. The instructor presented the material in a straight-forward and easy-to-digest manner. I really feel ready to present a new resume to potential employers.

I thought that this course was awesome! It helped me with so many questions that I had in regards to my resume! Plus, any questions that I had the instructor always answered them right away and gave me suggestions on how to improve my resume. It was a very helpful class and I can't wait to start sending out my resume with confidence!

My resume is now much more effectively put together, more concise, better looking, and more easily read than before. Thanks for the information that allowed me to fix it up.

Thanks, this really helped! I even have an interview already!

This was a GREAT workshop. The lesson material was very well presented. The supplemental information was extremely helpful and I will be able to use many of the sites in the future. I'm very glad I made this investment. I am now more sure of how to present my "proposal" to prospective employers.

Working in an employment office - this has been very helpful to me in working with applicants who are doing resumes. Thank you. The web sites were good for me to refer applicants to.

I just wanted to thank you for this great and very informative class. This was my first online course and I enjoyed it very much...I learned more than I originally expected. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us!

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