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Secrets of Better Photography

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

See exceptional photographic opportunities and compose images that emphasize the chosen subject.

Lesson 2

Discuss the different types of cameras and lenses, and understand their role in better photography.

Lesson 3

Begin to see opportunities to improve your images in the composition stage, with an emphasis on drawing attention to your subject.

Lesson 4

Understand the relationship between light and photography.

Lesson 5

Understand the choices photographers have for getting sharp images.

Lesson 6

Learn what depth of field is and how to control it with aperture settings.

Lesson 7

Learn different ways to capture motion with shutter speed settings.

Lesson 8

Recognize the various options for portraiture and how to achieve compatible lighting, both on location and in a studio.

Lesson 9

Explore the special techniques for photographing children and pets,, and find out how to capture these subjects successfully.

Lesson 10

Become familiar with tools for working in challenging situations.

Lesson 11

Grasp the unique needs of the photojournalism industry.

Lesson 12

Understand some of the features of digital photography and the opportunities it provides traditional photographers.






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