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Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications

$99.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with De Anza College


Lesson 1

Learn how the define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC) model helps you use Six Sigma and understand how to apply basic statistics.

Lesson 2

Understand the elements of the business case for Six Sigma including strategic planning, the voice of the customer (VOC), quality function deployment (QFD), benchmarking, and financial investment methods.

Lesson 3

Determine how Six Sigma metrics, brainstorming methods, Pareto charts, and critical to quality help define processes, problems, and opportunities.

Lesson 4

Discover how to apply the M piece of DMAIC by using statistics, sampling, histograms, stem and leaf diagrams, and box and whiskers plots.

Lesson 5

Learn the basics of probability distributions, the power of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), and physical measurement.

Lesson 6

Optimize the A element of DMAIC—analyze—by using key tools including regression analysis, cause and effect diagrams, force field analysis, checksheets, and scatter diagrams.

Lesson 7

Find out the basics of flowcharts, learn how to test hypotheses, and examine analysis of variance (ANOVA).

Lesson 8

Determine how to define, plan, implement, and complete a project by creating project deliverables that satisfy stakeholders.

Lesson 9

Discover the power of a work breakdown structure (WBS), Gantt charts, and network scheduling methods.

Lesson 10

Learn the ins and outs of design of experiments (DOE) and find out how you can apply it at your company.

Lesson 11

Understand the basics of run charts, control charts, and process capability.

Lesson 12

Learn the meaning of thinking lean and discover its concepts and tools.






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