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Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

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As a business owner this course was immensely helpful. I'm currently operating my second business and I feel that I've always been lacking in my marketing efforts. Owning a business doesn't afford much time so this was the perfect opportunity to learn at my own pace. The course and instructor provided so many ideas that I have a year's worth of work to do! I'm happy about this as it opened my mind and hopefully opportunities to increase my sales. In fact, I have already implemented several marketing strategies based on this course. I can't thank the teacher enough for her detailed and prompt responses to my questions and those of others which I found helpful as well. I would highly recommend this course. Very up to date and well presented.

This course exceeded my expectations! I learned so much valuable information. I cannot wait to utilize all my new knowledge. Glynns taught in an easy-to-follow format. The informative was fresh and extremely useful. My interest in marketing has grown to a whole new level. Thank you Glynns!!

This course was very thorough and informative. The information was presented clearly and logically with alot of extra resources added through the supplementary materials and discussion area answers. Our instructor, Glynns, proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable in all areas of our study. In addition, she spent alot of time supplying very complete, personalized answers and suggestions in our discussion areas. Her guidance will surely help our marketing efforts! Thanks for a great course!

This class has been extremely helpful in moving towards a postive and successful future. I have learned things that have made the bigger picture much clearer and given me skills that I feel will definitely help me in my endeavor. Thank you.

This instructor, she is fabulous. Jam-packed the course with detailed insightful information (including examples) for the perfectly identified audience. The instructor's marketing experience, teaching expertise, and excellent communication skills are apparent on every page. Highly recommend.

I absolutely loved the class! I walked away more educated than I was when I started and I had a great time completing the class.

This was the first class, in a long time, where I felt like I really got my money's worth...and then some. Glynns Thomas is a true teacher, her class was effective, efficient and applicable. I really appreciated the step-by-step approach, and her way of explaining and teaching. It made you stretch, but it wasn't out of reach. I feel like I have a road map, directions and "how to" for my new business. Thank you!

The quality of this course was outstanding -- the material, exercises, examples, and instructor feedback. It is as professional as anything I would have paid over a thousand dollars for. I am impressed and delighted. A very valuable use of my time!

Glynns is an awesome instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind...I would've honestly paid four times the rate for this information...This course is extremely valuable and affordable...I am definitely speaking loud and proud about this course...Thanks again for this awesome opportunity to become a marketing powerhouse.

This is the overall best small business class ed2Go has offered. I strongly believe it's an essential course for anyone considering or is already an established entrepreneur. Thank you so much! It's a rarity to find a course that had kept my interest fairly high from start to finish. This particular instructor is a wealth of valuable information!

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