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Spanish in the Classroom

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I enjoyed this course! I used a tremendous amount of the information in my class with my intermediate students and they loved it too! Thank you!

I really enjoyed this course and felt that it built a good foundation for Spanish within the classroom setting. I felt the matching games and links were particularly useful in helping to remember words. The scenarios with the ongoing characters throughout the course proved to be very helpful as well, providing real life situations to use Spanish.

This was my first online course and it was great! I really enjoyed this course and felt that it was set up in a way that was easy to navigate through and understand!

Excellent course! Informative and useful in my classroom. Thanks!

The instructor was very positive and upbeat. She presented our lessons with humor and good examples. Her illustrations and examples helped my language acquisition and desire to keep learning. Learning a new language is hard, but she was very positive and sympathetic and kept us going!

If high school Spanish was presented in this 'useful," user-friendly way, instead of the "verbs-rule" method, more students might stay involved! The lessons were easy to understand and very relevant to classroom use!

Thank you for offering this course. I was thrilled to find a beginning Spanish class tailored to the classroom. I really enjoyed the lessons. They were creative and engaging. The assignments were all very helpful, useful, and I very much appreciated that there was no "busy work" to be completed. The techniques you employ are great examples of best practices in teaching, very much a brain-based format for learning. I learned a great deal from this class and I am looking forward to trying out some of my newly acquired language skills. I plan to continue on with other Spanish classes. You are an excellent, organized, well-prepared teacher who is obviously passionate about the topic.

This course was great! Working with primary students whose native language is Spanish, I was able to communicate with my students. They were willing to assist me with my pronunciation and the fluency of the language. The information in the course wasn't overwhelming. The instructor also gives students feedback in the discussion area in a timely matter too!

This instructor did an excellent job selecting material that would be immediately useful to a classroom teacher. I thought it was an extremely beneficial course, taught in an easy to relate with manner.

For an old, retired teacher, determined to learn Spanish, this course was perfect! I am beginning to be able to converse with my Spanish students when I substitute and they appreciate the effort. Excelente!

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