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Merrill Ream Speed Reading

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When I started in chapter1, my reading speed was 165. By the time the course ended I was up to 642. While this may not seem very high for other students, it was quite an accomplishment for me, being that English is my second language. I will continue practicing and will get faster. I really liked this course, and will recommend it to my friends.

I am an avid reader. Thanks to this course I more than doubled my reading speed and increased my comprehension. I will continue to practice the skills I learned in this course. Thank you.

I enjoyed this course, but it is not over! I plan to continue to practice the techniques that have been taught.

I found this course to be extremely useful and valuable and would highly recommend it. I very much enjoyed learning and found all the information very easy to understand, informative, and useful.

I really enjoyed the course. My reading time doubled and my comprehension varied between 80 and 100 percent.

My reading rate more than doubled. I will be using the skills I learned in this class to further my reading rate. An extremely helpful course.

Thanks for a very useful course! I had my doubts just how helpful it would be since I didn't understand how comprehension could be preserved with a gain in speed. However, my doubts were unfounded...I actually more than tripled my speed and with practice improved my comprehension too. Thanks again.

This course was excellent and allowed me to drastically increase my reading rate. I have not one negative comment about this course. Everything was superb.

This course was excellent for me. I only wish I had taken this course while I was in college. However, as a professional in the health care field, the skill of speed reading will help me keep abreast of new research and literature to the level I can be proud of. Thank you so much Dr. Merrill

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