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Certificate in Spirituality, Health, and Healing

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Excellent Information and excellently presented - the information and reference resources will be helpful to me in the future - wonderful experience – thanks

I appreciate the opportunity to take a course on this important and underrepresented topic

WOW~~ I never fully realized the differences yet so many similarities between different beliefs, I learned quite a bit!

I enjoyed all the information that you put together . I have been studying spirituality for 18 years and I still learned a lot from this course. Thank you for your effort to bring the best to this course.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to obtain more knowledge about spirituality. I learned a lot in this few lessons and I will continue reading them over and over.

Wow, the reading was great! I have always believed that nurses sought to be part of the profession because of a spiritual calling (It can't be money or prestige). I have found that it is often easier to develop a therapeutic relationship with clients because I can approach the relationship with "no baggage" and clear boundaries, in return the clients seem to "bare" their soul because they can choose what to share and therefore maintain their spiritual autonomy - all valid points made in the reading.

I will have a greater understanding of the spiritual needs of my clients and therefore will be able to offer better care. Also, I have a better understanding of cultural differences which will help me to better assess the spiritual needs of my clients.

Looking forward to taking more of your online courses. Thanks for putting together such an interesting and enlightening class.

Thank you for the Spirituality, Health and Healing course....it was excellent and very thorough. I LOVED it and it has given me much to think about on my own spiritual journey.

I deal with many seniors who are facing the death of a spouse or their own death (many are in their 90's) this class opened my eyes to many ways to help and talk with these people. The quote from the course "it’s harder to grow old than grow up" is so true. The physical disabilities and limitations plus the knowledge that you are growing old is very hard to take sometimes. Giving up the ability to drive is a turning point for some people, many of my seniors say "it won't be long now" when they lose the ability to drive and become dependent on children. This course gave me a wonderful understanding of the spirit in health and healing.

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