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Starting a Consulting Practice

$149.00 (USD)

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Excellent and very practical course. I'd highly recommend this to any thinking about starting their own consulting business.

Excellent course! Anyone that is serious about starting a consulting practice can go from an idea to launching a successful practice in six weeks.

For the price of a decent meal this course provided the tools to start a business that can feed you for the rest of your life.

I believe this is one of the most outstanding classes I have ever completed and I have taken many of them. The value for the fee is unbeatable!. Excellent organization and knowledge--my congratulations to Bill Flood. And a great thank you for offering such an in-depth class on-line. I look forward to taking more.

I really enjoyed the course, especially the discussions between classmates and the instructor. The information received as a result of this class has helped me get a great start on my consulting practice.

Thank you Professor Flood for a fascinating business course. My favorite part was that it was designed for the lay person. It did not bog down the student with overbearing chapters and lengthy lessons. It is very direct and to-the-point. I never thought a business course could be so much fun!

The course covered a very good range of material, all useful. The instructor/assistant was very good at answering all submitted questions, and did so quickly.

This course has been a valuable resource for me and an excellent value. I came into the class skeptical about whether I could manage as a consultant and came out more confident that I probably could do so. The discussion sessions added additional insight for me. The extensive web site links were also very beneficial. This has been a very enriching experience for me.

This is an outstanding course that provides the student with a framework for launching their own business. The lessons and assignments are extremely practical and they easily engage the student in the process of developing a blueprint for their business. The quizzes are designed to provide immediate feedback so the student can readily determine why they may have missed a specific item and then study the material in order to learn what the correct response should have been. The links to supplemental materials are quite comprehensive. I can't imagine how this course could be improved upon. It's outstanding just the way it is.

This was a very good course for someone who is just pulling together thoughts on starting a consulting practice.

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