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Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!

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Lesson 1

Introduce class to course, review material to be covered, and go over some important concepts and vocabulary terms.

Lesson 2

Explain to the class investing theory, how investing works and review the most likely investments they will come across.

Lesson 3

Show the class that before they even think about investing in the stock markets there are personal financial issues that should be addressed and considered. Notably ,education and housing are important investments in themselves and should be pursued well before speculative investing.

Lesson 4

To teach the students the definitions, uses and more of stocks and bonds.

Lesson 5

To expand on lesson 4 and show the students that there are other securities out there aside from stocks and bonds.

Lesson 6

To expand the students' knowledge about finance to include how the securities exchanges and stock markets operate and work so that they have a better understanding of these things which will allow them to understand Lesson 7.

Lesson 7

To show students the processes, players and institutions they will be dependent upon to trade.

Lesson 8

To show the students how the players involved in Lesson 7 perform the job and how they are compensated so that students may become educated consumers and can protect themselves against some of the lesser practices of the financial services industry.

Lesson 9

To review in detail the pros and cons of different investment programs.

Lesson 10

To explain to the students what drives the true value of a security (mainly stocks) and how to gauge whether markets are overvalued by using value ratios.

Lesson 11

To give the students a conceptual understanding of the different techniques used to research and analyze stocks. While we don't have the time to go into detailed financial statement analysis, this lesson gets their minds thinking in the right construct.

Lesson 12

To introduce the students to some of the more useful information resources used to conduct research on stocks and other securities.






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