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Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!

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I came into this course with no understanding of the terms and systems for investing. I came out of this course with more than I could have hoped for: understanding the terms, the many investment opportunities, how and were to do reseach, etc. This course was written clearly for the novice.

I definitely understand more about stocks,bonds,and investing now, than when I began the course.I also can read and understand financial publications to a much greater degree. Thank you!

I enjoyed the course very much. It went into a lot more depth than I had imagined it would but the instructor provided lots of supplementary material. Aaron's writing style was superb; educational, informative, down to earth, and easy to understand.

I feel the class will be very useful in helping me make decisions regarding my 401K plan. I'll recommend it to my colleagues....The humor the author used was refreshing!!

I got exactly what I wanted out of this course. I feel very confident for my investing future! I'm recommending his class to two of my friends.

I have a bachelor's in Finance and an MBA. However, I have been out of the work world for 10 years to raise my kids. This course was a great refresher for me and helped me to get back up to speed. Thanks!

Instuctor was not just informative but entertaining. He kept difficult information from going over my head.

I think it was one of the best online classes I have taken. The subject was something which I always had an interest in and was never able to understand just by reading books. This was a great opportunity for me. The instructor knew the subject very well and was always there to respond to the question raised in the discussion section. Thanks for offering this class!

I thought the instructor made things interesting and easy to understand. I started out with pretty much no knowledge of securities. I can now carry on a fairly knowledgeable conversation about them. I am anxious to learn more!!!

I wish I had taken this class a couple of decades ago. It took a very complicated subject and explained it in an easy to comprehend manner. I found it to be quite helpful in making the subject 1) understandable and 2) not so intimidating.

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