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Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

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Lesson 1

Learn about APICS, professional certification, operating systems, the supply chain, and MRP II.

Lesson 2

Discover the power and requirements of sales and operations planning (S&OP).

Lesson 3

Learn about the basics of forecasting, including its nature, purpose, benefits, and objectives, as well as the forecast cycle.

Lesson 4

Explore the components of demand and qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques.

Lesson 5

Discover focus forecasting, pyramid forecasting, macroforecasting factors, and methods to calculate forecast errors.

Lesson 6

Learn how to apply manufacturing and capacity-use strategies and adhere to the requirements for effective master production scheduling.

Lesson 7

Discover the fundamentals of the master production schedule (MPS).

Lesson 8

Learn how important material requirements planning (MRP) is to supply chain management.

Lesson 9

Learn how to use strategic capacity management, rough cut capacity planning (RCCP), and capacity requirements planning (CRP) to effectively define, plan, measure, and control outputs.

Lesson 10

Discover the power of production activity control (PAC) and learn about its cycle, its elements, and its powerful scheduling method: linear programming.

Lesson 11

Find out how to develop and use Gantt charts, how to follow scheduling principles, and how to use priority rules for effective work order processing and management.

Lesson 12

Discover how to manage lead time and use input/output (I/O) control and operations overlapping.






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