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Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

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Great class! Excellent material and presentation. This class has been a tremendous benefit to me. I can apply the lessons learned in this class to my current and future work environment. I look forward to more classes covering this topic. Thank you very much for providing excellent material and the presentation.

It was definitely a good course and I would recommend it to others interested in the topic.

I want to thank to the professor and for his interest in all the practical exercises and examples given. They will be a great support in my career.

I thought that the course was well prepared and thought out. There was a lot of ground to cover in the material presentation.

The course was enlightening and opened my eyes to the causes of many of the problems that are negatively affecting our current service level.

The course was great. The information I received was beneficial and strengthened my knowledge within the field of manufacturing. I enjoyed the class.

This course gave me a solid foundation in SCM and will enhance my ability to support my company's supply chain organization.

This course really got me to see how complicated this process is. I learned a lot from taking this course and looking forward to the next one.

This was an excellent refresher course for me. I think that the instructor and course material was very good and timely. I enjoyed it and learned a great deal after 20+ years in the field myself.

I am in Kuwait taking this course so my online interaction was nil, mostly due to the time difference & the long hors that I work! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this course though & I hope my next course will be just as good! The instructor was great as well!

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