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Survival Kit for New Teachers

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Best class I have taken online! LOVED IT and will be able to use all the ideas. Thanks!

Excellent coverage of relevant topics for new teachers. I will refer to the material often. Great internet resources, also.

I brought several of the lesson assignments with me as I interviewed for teaching positions. I was organized and focused because of this course. Your last section on interviews also helped me to understand the interview process better. Next time I try for a job, I will refer back to that section! This course was very helpful!

I have enjoyed this course even though I've been teaching for several years. I wish it had been offered at the beginning of my career. Thank you for sharing your expertise and insights!

I used this course to assist me as a mentor for new teachers in our district. It was helpful.

I've been home for the last 9 years raising my children. It was a great refresher course. I feel I will be able to slide back into teaching feeling very confident. I loved the class and learned some new information that I will gladly use when I return to the classroom.

This course is highly recommended for prospective teachers. I enjoyed the contents of the lesson. I felt as if I was really in a classroom.

This was a great course. Full of vital information that is useful to me NOW. I appreciate the effort this instructor puts into her lessons and her classes.

This was a great 'nuts & bolts' course for teachers. I am transitioning into teaching and this helped me to better focus on the day to day issues that teachers encounter in the classroom. Great course! Kudos.

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