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Teaching ESL/EFL Reading

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Discover why reading is so important and how you can convey that to your students and administrators. Also, explore some ways that you can become a more effective reading teacher, and learn how you can put reading at the core of your curriculum.

Lesson 2

Learn how to assess your students' level of motivation, and gain some strategies for motivating, engaging, and inspiring your students in the reading classroom.

Lesson 3

Discover how your students' first-language (L1) reading skills impact their second language (L2) proficiency, especially in regard to reading.

Lesson 4

Explore what intensive reading is, why it's important, what some of the core skills are, and how you can teach them to your students so they can become stronger readers.

Lesson 5

Learn all about extensive reading, including what it involves, why it's so important, what kinds of material to select, how to see if you're students are learning, and how to integrate it into your overall reading curriculum.

Lesson 6

Understand the challenges and myths that surround vocabulary teaching, become familiar with very valuable high-frequency word lists, and explore some activities for integrating vocabulary teaching into your reading curriculum.

Lesson 7

Explore ways you can teach your students how to comprehend what they're reading, rather than just testing them on comprehension skills.

Lesson 8

Discover how you can work with your learners to help them develop their reading rate and become more confident, fluent, and engaged readers.

Lesson 9

Take a look at what reading strategies are, how you can go about teaching them, and how to help your students use them regularly when they read.

Lesson 10

Take the mystery out of deciding what to teach by learning the components of effective lesson planning, including how to integrate other language skills along with reading, come up with teaching objectives, sequence your activities, and measure your effectiveness.

Lesson 11

Get some ideas for how to design a strong reading curriculum, how to choose and use a textbook, and how to supplement your textbook with real-world resources.

Lesson 12

Learn how to measure your students' learning through formative and summative testing, and discover how you can support your students as they prepare for standardized tests like the TOEFL and IELTS.





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