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Teaching Science: Grades 4-6

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I really enjoyed the content of the course and the way it was presented. I gained a lot of scientific knowledge that I perhaps had forgotten. I also gained valuable techniques in conducting not only a science class, but will be able to integrate them into my other contents. Thank you.

I really enjoyed this class! The instructor's teaching style was very clear, direct, and methodical. She covered all of the topics thoroughly, and wrote in a very friendly and interesting style. As I finished each lesson, I was already looking forward to the next! Also, the supplementary materials and resources at the end of each lesson are so valuable and will be very useful to me. I am sure I will refer to all the materials in this course over and over again.

I got a lot more from than course than I expected. I am not a science teacher by training, and taking this class gave me a lot of foundational information that I did not have. Also, as a special education teacher, I really appreciated this instructor's heart for students with disabilities. She presented very useful information for the general education teacher and provided different approaches so special education students could also be given the opportunity to learn. The resources for science fairs are gold to me.

The instructor, Holly Trimble, is very good at getting to the core of instruction. In the past, I had felt like I was teaching bits and pieces of scientific information. It was not until I read the chapter on the drive for equilibrium that I saw it all tied together. But, I had never been able to put that into words to let my students understand that concept. I teach high school science and math, and I found this course invaluable. I will use what I learned in these lessons every day in class!

This was the best education course I have ever taken. The lessons were great and the resources given at the end of each lesson were terrific. I wish I had taken this course many years ago - my students would have benefited from it!

This was a very helpful course and the instructor was wonderful! She broke down the information into manageable chunks and included real classroom stories. She also included a ton of supplementary information to help us research anything we might need to use in our classrooms. I made a notebook of all the lessons, and I know it will be a very useful guide for me this year!

I have taken many science courses in my teaching career, but no course has really taught me science and how to use it in my classroom like this one! It has been previously hard for me to teach science because I never understood it myself. Science concepts were never explained in a way that I could understand them until now. I will never again dread teaching science. Thank you so much!

This was a great course to not only refresh one's science knowledge, but also to gain a ton of great science teaching ideas, both in terms of content and execution. The instructor provides lots of great checklists and worksheets for both the students and teacher. I highly recommend this course. If you still rely on just worksheets and the "occasional" activity or experiment this course will change how you approach teaching science and make science the most exciting part of the day for your students.

The instructor did an outstanding job of presenting a comprehensive, insightful science class for teachers of fourth to sixth graders. She truly led by example. The class has been such a boost for me, and I'm sure for the others who've taken it. I am more knowledgeable and have more tools to start using with my students tomorrow! Her willingness to share such complete resource lists and expertise tell of her love for students and teachers alike. Thank you!

I was so pleased with this class. So much was covered that helped me to become a better teacher: science concepts, lesson planning, organizing units, classroom management. and more. I appreciated the knowledgeable, common-sense approach of the teacher and am excited to share this love of science with my students in a more coherent way this fall. Thank you!!

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